finals week

me: wow i have 3 tests and 2 essays due in the next 3 days
me: ayy i haven't watched THE ENTIRE LOTR TRILOGY in a while
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Happy Earth Day!

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my only talent is being able to sing disney duets on my own

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Can you name a single person who thinks that kid is innocent?

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loki week march 31: loki’s character traits

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They say pain is an illusion, this is just a bruise and you are just confused, but I am only h u m a n.”

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Those women are doing a public service, Chris.

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Theo James + laughing
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I do hope you realize the only negative energy in your life is yourself.

ASKED BY Anonymous.


Hmm, let’s think about this for a second, shall we? You’re so bored with your life that you not only took the time to creep on my blog but you also decided that sending anon hate was a great idea? Seems like the only person truly negative is you because you can’t mind your own business and keep your comments to yourself. 

My personal blog is a place for me. Not for you. BYE.

Anons can go and kick rocks.

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